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AoD(KDH as Tryn) -
Hizkit(Jarvan IV) -

I've done songs with both of these guys before and now I've done it again. Check them out at the channel links above for more content. I know Jarvan is a prince. You don't have to comment on it. I already know. We did it anyway. We know it's not right to refer to him as a king but we don't care. That is something we don't care about.

Beat is from Kublai Khan by Jedi Mind Tricks

Lyrics (thank you srjuanpabl0):
I'm straight loco, sign your death warrant like Koko
Carry the team on my back like a hobo
I wield the power of the plague jungle runestone
I break bones Nimbus Strike into Cyclone
King Louie pissed off, chemically imbalanced
My staff grows so quick you'll think I'm sponsored by Cialis
King of the jungle; no house, tree palace
More majestic to behold than the aurora borealis
Knock you up, take you down. It's a vicious cycle
You're looking weak call support in to check your vitals
I pop a decoy, you'll think I'm everywhere
This monkey king employs guerilla warfare
This game is looking bleak. You feel a stark chill
Maybe you shoulda took the last train to Clarksville
You never had a chance. This win was predestined
No one's been owned this hard by primates since Charleston Heston

We're the kings of the rift you can bow down
We own the sky and the land and the underground
I'm Wukong got your whole team tilting
climb the leaderboard like it's the Empire State Building
We're the kings of the rift and we dictate
We dive turrets, fill graves, raise the death rate
I got my items now it's time to engage
I'm taking down all your towers Monkey King on a Rampage

I'm the Barbarian King and you can trust me
I'm not trying to come onto you but I'm feeling bloodlusty
You can call me your majesty but I'll respond to Mr. President
Me and Ashe together now; Freljord represent
I'm the savior of the team, even Kayle calls me heaven sent
I'm like Superman minus the Clark Kent
My right arm's a lot stronger than your entire team
If we were Transformers I'd be Optimus you'd be Starscream
Thornmail won't help you, noob. I don't know what you've been told
I got more rage in me than a whole team full of Reginalds
Spin into a bush find your whole team cut, everybody down
Five autoattacks walk off before your bodies hit the ground
Tryin' to farm in lane, then you hear the beat. Better move your feet
Noxus on retreat. My revenge will be too sweet
Don't know how to be discrete. Better Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Task manager if you don't want to face defeat

We're the kings of the rift you can bow down
We own the sky and the land and the underground
I'm Tryndamere, noob. Tremble at my battlecries
Higher success rate than the Starship Enterprise
We're the kings of the rift and we dictate
We dive turrets, fill graves, raise the death rate
Don't need more kills but it's nice of you to volunteer
Forget the Legends they should call it League of Tryndamere

Embark with the martial cadence
Who got the heart to lark with Jarvan, I'm stark raving persussive
My blade tip sails and cuts through mirages with
The precise movements to unbuckle ya muzzle and subtle harness
So lets start with the carnage and hit the ivy
Smart bartering regrowth pendant, submit to the IV
The fourth, I make 'em draw swords, calamity to stand with
You'll be screaming 'laggy bandwidth' the way I set the demacian standard
Candidly accurate, banding with Atma's impaler, vastly
Lacerating ya assertained fraction of greatness
Unhatching Cataclysm, hap-hazard manneurism
Trap ya ass and bash Dragon Strike in a mashing rhythm
King of action, passion to save the day
Maelstrom of pain, break the balls of jericho Swain
Place hate on bloated mages, maintaining my Golden Aegis
Any and all attempt at excution is failing

We're the kings of the rift you can bow down
We own the sky and the land and the underground
There isn't anything you can bring to the Trinity Force
Battle-hardened royalty, our synergies forced
We're the kings of the rift and we dictate
We dive turrets, fill graves, raise the death rate
With impeccable methods, you'd think it was telepathy
The way we make moves: Checkmate, dead in 3 2 1


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