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This video is now public. For reasons unbeknown to me, most were not able to view it once I added them to the allowed list for this video. I have turned comments back on.

► One way shielding. A must see to believe. I originally posted this video on Youtube and then Youtube to sent me a letter telling me point blank from their legal department telling me that posting these videos that show cause and effect of magnets related to generating free energy, is in violation of Youtube's community guidelines. When you read their community guidelines, you quickly see that in no way, shape or form do my videos violate Youtube's community guidelines. If so, point it out to me then. Note: I'm not selling anything, or asking for anything, nor am I promoting a product for sale, nor am I endorsing anyone, which is not even covered in the community guidelines anyway. I'm not violating any community rules here whatsoever. Copy and repost my videos where ever you like while you still can, before my video are gone for a third time!! ► Can't say I did not warn you. ◄

► FYI: Google Pours Billions of Dollars into Renewable Energy Research. Don't believe me??? Just Google it!

► We must remember that Google is a publicly traded company, and Google does not want some small guy like me coming along and pulling the rug out from underneath their feet?

► Food for thought: Ask yourself this. Why is it that some free magnetic energy channels stay up that are on the up and up, while other channels like mine get taken down???


First... a big THANK YOU! all those who have given me 'constructive" feedback and encouragement in the continued research and development of free energy via magnetism. Sadly there are those out there who feel it's their duty to lie and mislead you about my research. To set the record straight, my work has nothing to do with perpetual energy as magnets don't last forever. Nor does my work have anything to do with V-gates, Bedini motors or what have you. Rather my work is about magnetism itself and how one might build a motor that uses only magnets to run without any magnet wire of any kind.

Formally stated; Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; in this case, magnetic forces. My objective is simple: "To overcome the cause and effect between two opposite poles where not all of the net gain from the initial attraction is totally lost by an equal and opposite attraction."

Because of all the lies, false claims and accusations made against my simple experiments with magnets, I feel it's best that I turn off REAL TIME comments and will approve them. However I have left the negative comments and ignorant attacks on my work so as you can easily identify the culprits and flamers that caused me to turn off comments on most of my videos in the first place. You have my permission to "have at them" on my behalf via their YouTube channel.

Lastly, as a business owner, my day starts at 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week ever since early 2013. Thus I've no time for magnets right now. That will drastically change in early 2014 once I close my current business for good.

If you CAREFULLY replicate my work, you will discover what I have revealed in my videos 'actually works' the way it works in my videos. Rather than attack my work, do it yourself and then you will see my research and results are as real as it gets. Otherwise bug off and don't come back.

*By the way, I have nothing for sale. Never did. All the info is "OPEN SOURCE" only that I claim Copyright to my videos itself and not the information or contents contained within, thus my videos my NOT be used to make money from on YouTube or elsewhere without written permission. I do NOT have a working prototype at this time, nor have I ever had an actual working prototype.


James Roney Stators

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